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Brits' packing habits revealed

From tea to Baked Beans, Brits love to pack home comforts when they travel.

A recent survey has uncovered a fascinating insight into the packing habits of the Brits.

The research was carried out by private Covid testing company, Medicspot. The data revealed, perhaps predictably, that the British regularly pack ‘travel essentials’ that include tea bags, along with their favourite mugs, and biscuits.

A third said they packed these items in case they weren’t available to buy in the country they were travelling to or were more expensive than home, despite 29% admitting they exceeded their baggage allowance and had to pay a fine.

Other items regularly stashed in cases include hand cream, towels, slippers and even that good old British staple, Baked Beans.

One third of those polled admitted they would be more likely to visit a country if they knew they stocked their preferred brand of teas and chocolate bars.

Medicspot published the research as it launched its new Day 2 lateral flow test for those entering the UK under the UK’s new travel regulations.

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