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Singapore Vaccinated Travel Lane opens with Switzerland

Travel to Switzerland is now quarantine-free from Singapore.

Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Lane with Switzerland is now open, to the relief of many in both countries.

There are around 3,000 Swiss citizens living in the Asian city state and many chose not to travel during the pandemic for fear of not being able to return to Singapore. The move also opens up the possibility of a 'white' Christmas for Singaporeans who have been unable to leave the Asian hub for more than 18 months.

Dreamy landscapes, heaps of snow, bucket loads of fresh air and a plethora of fun outdoor activities are strong draw-cards for Asia-based families. For those looking to escape the heat and humidity and to perhaps make up for a missed snow season last year, Switzerland is now a very real possibility.

To qualify for a VTL flight, passengers must be fully vaccinated and must have been in either Singapore or Switzerland for at least 14 days before travel. Travellers from Singapore must also take PCR tests on departure and again on arrival back at Changi Airport. Children under the age of 12 years who are ineligible for a vaccine can travel if they are accompanied by an adult, or adults, who meets the requirements.

Singaporeans are able to enter Switzerland without quarantine as long as they are fully vaccinated or can present a negative PCR test result. Children under 16 years are exempted from testing.

Switzerland opened to fully vaccinated travellers earlier this summer and many social distancing regulations were softened. Hospitality is fully reopened, mask wearing is no longer required outside and there are no restrictions on outdoor sports and activities.

The Vaccinated Travel Lane could mean a return to the slopes for Singaporeans this winter.

In a country that is world-renowned for its safety and ability to function like clockwork, it has been no surprise to hear that Switzerland was quick to implement a ‘Clean & Safe’ campaign. A raft of safety protocols have been introduced for the hospitality and events industries to protect both guests and staff. Masks are compulsory inside holiday accommodation and hospitality venues and staff must ensure a one-and-a-half metre distance in waiting areas. Cleaning regulations have been ramped-up, contact details for at least one person per travelling group must be noted and payment must be cashless and contactless as far as possible. Masks are also compulsory on trains and other public transport.

Adults aged 16 and over must present a Covid-19 certificate to access indoor spaces including restaurants, bars and museums.

Singapore has so far announced 16 VTLs with 12 already open and four with South Korea, Malaysia, Sweden and Finland to start later this month.

Singapore Airlines will be operating daily flights with Zurich and SWISS Airline is planning to fly three times a week between Zurich and Singapore.

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