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Plaza Premium launches round-trip lounge passes

Plaza Premium launches round-trip lounge pass

Plaza Premium has launched a new lounge pass option

Airport lounge specialist Plaza Premium Group is now offering ‘round-trip’ lounge pass options.

The offer is for the busiest routes, including Kuala Lumpur to Singapore which is apparently the world’s busiest route, Dubai to Dammam, Jeddah or Riyadh, Jakarta to Singapore and Hong Kong to Taipei, which clocks in as the world’s third busiest route.

The new Plaza Premium Lounge passes are priced from US$70 and do note require membership or annual fees. The passes are also transferable and can be shared with friends and family. So you could use the lounge access in Hong Kong and gift the return pass to a friend to use in Taipei. The passes are valid for 12 months from activation.

Travellers who buy a pass and are members of Smart Traveller, Plaza Premium’s app-based global travel membership programme, will receive a ten percent discount and receive 150 points for each pass that is purchased. 

New Smart Traveller members can take advantage of complimentary lounge access for children, an extended one-hour stay and a 50% discount rate for a walk-in companion. These benefits run until March 31.

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