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Asia's best restaurants revealed

Michelin Guide and Asia's 50 Best Restaurants host awards ceremonies in Asia this month. Carolynne Dear headed to Macau for a slice of the action.

Asia's best restaurants revealed

Winners at the Michelin Guide Awards 2024 Hong Kong Macau.

Culinary accolades began flooding into Asia this week with Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants revealing this year’s rankings. Meanwhile in Macau, Michelin Guide hosted its annual awards ceremony to reveal which Hong Kong and Macau restaurants are recipients of its coveted Michelin stars this year.

The latest Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list ranks restaurants between 51 and 100 ahead of its live awards ceremony at the end of this month. Restaurants are voted for by the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, a group of more than 300 food writers, critics, chefs, restaurateurs and culinary experts. 

This year’s list spans 16 cities and welcomes 12 new entries, including Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, Mumbai and Hong Kong (with a first-time entry from Howard’s Gourmet in Central). Hong Kong has five more dining spots included on the coveted list, including Xin Rong Ji, Ta Vie, Vea, Estro and Godenya.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants will be revealed at an awards ceremony in Seoul on March 26.

Meanwhile, Michelin announced this year’s culinary winners in Hong Kong and Macau at a glittering awards ceremony in Macau. Grand Lisboa Palace Resort in Macau hosted the ceremony, during which seven restaurants were awarded a Michelin star for the first time and two dining spaces were promoted from one to two Michelin stars. 

This was the 16th edition of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau. Michelin inspectors assess restaurants on a number of criteria, including quality of ingredients, mastery of culinary techniques, harmony of flavours, personality and emotion that the chef conveys in the dishes and consistency throughout the menu and across different visits.

The restaurants to win a first Michelin star this year were Chef Tam’s Seasons (Macau), Cristal Room by Anne-Sophie Pic, Feuille, Mora, Racines, Sushi Kinetsu (Macau) and The Legacy House.

Noi and The Huaiyang Garden (Macau) were promoted from one to two Michelin stars. 

Nine restaurants retained their three-star rating, including 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo - Bombana, Caprice, Jade Dragon (Macau), Forum, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Robuchon au Dome (Macau), Sushi Shikon, Ta Vie and T’ang Court.

Feuille was recognised for the first time with a green star and Amber, IFTM Educational Restaurant (Macau), Mora and Roganic all retained their green stars from last year. The green star was introduced in 2021 and recognises that a restaurant is committed to a more sustainable approach to gastronomy, such as sourcing ingredients locally.

The Michelin Sommelier award went to Shinya Goshima at Godenya, Lydia Yung of The Legacy House won the Michelin Service award and the Michelin Young Chef award was presented to Mora’s Choi Ming Fai.

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