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Cathay Pacific launches Covid cover

Cathay passengers will receive cover for Covid-associated medical costs.

Cathay Pacific is the latest airline to offer free Covid-19 insurance to passengers.

The carrier is collaborating with AXA General Insurance Hong Kong to provide automatic cover for all bookings from now until February 28, 2021.

Cover includes reimbursement for Covid-19 PCR tests and hospitalisation costs of up to US$200,000, as well as a quarantine allowance of up to 14 days for unforeseen or mandatory quarantine.

The airline says it will also ensure travel companions and children of affected passengers are able to return home.

The cover lasts for 30 days which starts from the date of departure or until customers return home, whichever is earliest.

An emergency hotline has been set-up with AXA which can be accessed by phone or WhatsApp.

Cathay Pacific has introduced a number of safety measures to combat the spread of Covid, including temperature checks at check-in, contactless check-in and boarding, antimicrobial coating on check-in counters, kiosks and other common areas, and mandatory wearing of face coverings by passengers and crew throughout the flight.

For more information, click online. The AXA emergency hotline can be reached on +852 2863 5785 (phone) or +852 2863 5784 (WhatsApp).

Other airlines to offer Covid-19 insurance include Emirates; the Dubai-based airline recently enhanced its coverage with an extended package launched earlier this month.


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