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Emirates restarts flights to Hong Kong

Emirates' flights to Hong Kong will resume later this month.

Emirates has announced that it will be resuming its passenger service to Hong Kong.

The service between Dubai and Hong Kong will restart on August 23 and will run daily. The departure flight will leave Dubai at 0150hrs and land in Hong Kong at 1650hrs. The return flight will leave Hong Kong at 2350hrs.

For operational purposes, a technical stop at Bangkok is scheduled on both departure and return flights.

Emirates suspended all flights into and out of Hong Kong earlier this month, citing ‘operational reasons’ for the cut in service.

In July, the Hong Kong government introduced mandatory testing for aircrew and the new regulations led to United Airlines suspending its services to the territory. KLM rerouted its Amsterdam to Hong Kong service through Bangkok; it’s believed that this move was made to ensure KLM crews did not have to stay overnight in Hong Kong and undergo testing.

Emirates currently serves 75 cities from its hub in Dubai, including the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific, which is approximately 50% of its pre-pandemic network.

The carrier’s hub airport in Dubai is open to international travellers, although a negative covid-19 medical certificate is mandatory for all inbound and transit passengers arriving in the United Arab Emirates.


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