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Lose yourself in a book with Bookazine's new subscription service

Spice up your life with a book subscription this Easter break.

We may not be able to expand our minds with travel this Easter, but we can still live life vicariously through a good book.

Hong Kong bookseller Bookazine is launching a book subscription service. ‘BOOKSPOKE’ hopes to champion a love of books in the territory and encourage readers to discover new authors and genres. Every month, subscribers will receive a specially curated book by Bookazine’s book experts, according to the reader’s age and preferences.

There are four plans with the BOOKSPOKE service; they include ‘Budding Bookworm’ for two to five year olds, ‘BeTween’ for eight to 12 years, ‘Books to Die For’ specialising in crime and mystery novels and ‘The Page Turner’ for fiction enthusiasts.

Littlies will receive a hard-back picture books and a surprise gift with their Budding Bookworm subscription, while BeTween subscribers can look forward to a hard- or paper-back book plus a small surprise.

Books to Die For subscribers will have the chance to send in their book reviews and be featured on the Bookazine blog and in-store shelf talkers.

Meanwhile ‘Page Turners’ will receive the most anticipated books and promising debut novels and will also have the chance to submit their reviews.

Budding Bookworm costs HK$1,200 for a six month plan; BeTween subscriptions are offered at three months at HK$600, six months at HK$1,050 and one year at HK$1,800.

Books to Die For comes with a three month subscription for HK$650, six months for HK$1,200 and one year for HK$2,200 with each book wrapped and sent with a personalised message, a bookmark and a form to enter review notes.

The Page Turner costs HK$650 for three months, HK$1,200 for six months and HK$2,200 for a year. Again, each book arrives wrapped and with a message, bookmark and review notes form.

More details can be found online.


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