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Seychelles streamlines arrivals process with new app

The new app streamlines the arrivals process for visitors to the stunning Seychelles (photo courtesy Unsplash).

The Republic of Seychelles has gone live with new travel authorisation technology from Swiss-based technology company, Travizory.

The Travizory web and mobile app allows Seychelles health authorities to collect health information directly from travellers. This information is then fed securely into a single system to provide authorities with advance information about visitors planning to travel to the Seychelles.

“Streamlining the process this way makes it faster and more accurate for our authorities and reduces paperwork,” said Alan Renaud, principal secretary for Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine. “We wanted to move to a digital and paperless gathering of information, following the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the International Air Transport Association and the World Travel and Tourism Council for contactless and paperless travel.

“The new system removes the guesswork for airlines at check-in and boarding. And, perhaps most importantly, it makes the passenger journey smoother and provides more peace of mind to travellers that they will not be stopped on their way.”

The Seychelles government said that once the new technology beds-in, it will roll out connected technologies that will also allow authorities to ensure arrivals are staying at licensed establishments and liveaboards that have been certified. This has the dual benefit of reducing another touchpoint by avoiding unnecessary form-filling, as well as boosting the country’s contact-tracing capabilities.

Travizory replaces the current email and form-based system. Airlines are also embracing the system to verify the validity of traveller authorisations prior to boarding. Airlines will submit this Advance Passenger Information to the Seychelles.

“By having all the passenger information submitted ahead of time, including passengers’ own health certification, we eliminate inefficiencies,” said Renaud. “Security clearance is streamlined, simplifying the process of entry.”

Tourists wanting to travel to the Seychelles can apply from the Travizory app on their mobile phone or on the website and will receive eligibility to travel in the form of a barcode which they simply present at check-in and boarding.

Moreover, the platform is future-proof and is ready to ingest COVID-19 vaccination certificates when they become available.

“The new technology will allow us to balance the need for tourism to grow and sustain our economy without compromising the health of our citizens,” said Didier Dogley, minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine and chair of the Re-opening of Seychelles Taskforce. “It will have a very positive impact on tourism and the wider economy in the Seychelles, as well as clearly demonstrating Seychelles ability to deploy digital solutions.”

The Seychelles has now opened to international travellers from a regularly updated ‘safe’ list of countries.


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