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Travel book raises funds for tourism industry

The book aims to help those in the hospitality industry who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Two travel writers have published a coffee table book to raise money for the beleaguered hospitality industry.

The digital book, Checking In: Bringing The Hotel Home, is the brainchild of travel writers Alexandra Seitz and Kissa Castaneda. It features 35 of the world’s most spectacular hotels, along with interviews with hotel founders, design inspiration and recipe and wellness ideas.

The travel and tourism industry faces a staggering 100 million job losses due to the coronavirus pandemic. All funds raised from the book will be donated equally to a number of causes, including Hospitality Action, Saira Hospitality, Wild Philanthropy’s African Tourism Crisis Fund and Unite Here. According to the authors, these organisations were specifically chosen as their efforts directly help the people and communities affected by the pandemic.

Seitz now lives in London while Castaneda is based in Singapore, and the project was conceived and developed while they were both in lockdown. Designer Husam Elfaki, based in London as well, also stepped in to help.

The book is divided into five chapters, each representing a facet of a hotel experience - inspire, indulge, entertain, relax and connect.

“It’s basically a staycation at its finest,” say the authors. “We wished to create a book that would brighten our daily lives, fuel dreams of our next sojourn, and all the while raising money for those directly affected by the pandemic.”

The project wasn’t without its challenges. The pair aimed to complete it in a month, but it ended up taking double that time. “Once we started reaching out to hotels, we got a true glimpse of how Covid-19 has impacted the industry,” said Seitz and Casteneda. “Closures meant there were only a few staff members left as custodians of these properties; layoffs and furloughs meant some of our emails went unanswered for weeks.”

However, this only strengthened their resolve.

Each hotel featured has contributed original recipes, design ideas, wellness information and stories from the founders.

The book is dedicated to fellow hotel lovers and the staff that call these places home.

Checking In: Bringing The Hotel Home can be downloaded for free but it is requested that a donation be made.


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