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Diving back in at Indonesia's Wakatobi resort

Does it get any better? Beachside bungalow accommodation at Wakatobi.

One of the world’s premier dive destinations, Wakatobi, reopened today, thanks to loosening travel restrictions in Indonesia.

The upscale resort sits on a small island in southeastern Sulawesi and boasts exclusive access to some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling sites within a private marine preserve.

Enjoying a snorkel with mum and dad.

Pristine coral reefs and a rich marine life create an aquatic paradise for dive enthusiasts. But Wakatobi is also a top family resort; if you’re looking to introduce the kids to the ‘big blue’, this is the place to do it.

Family-friendly diving

Wakatobi is accessed via Bali airport, where guests are met by the resort’s concierge team, luggage and imigration managed and flown to Wakatobi’s private airstrip where there’s a short boat ride to the resort itself.

Life on the ocean wave at Wakatobi.

Children are warmly welcomed at Wakatobi, with plenty of attentive staff to keep an eye out as they play. Infants under the age of four can be left in the safe hands of the resort’s team of nannies, while five to 12 year olds can access the resort’s kids’ club; activities include coconut harvests, kite making, treasure hunts, snorkelling kayaking and more. Littlies from three and up can head over to the club to enjoy the fun with their nanny.

Of course olders children will no doubt want to head out and enjoy the ocean. Wakatobi offers professional dive guides and instructors with specially curated dive programmes for differing ages and abilities. Children aged from eight years can take part in the Bubblemaker programme, while those aged ten and over can work towards their junior open water dive certificate. Teens have a range of options, from open water training to advanced dive programmes and underwater photography classes.

Exploring the corals in the marine preserve.

For those who want to explore closer to the resort, Wakatobi’s house reef is one of the best in the world. Grass flats and shallow coral heads fill the gap between resort beach and deep water, creating a calm, family-friendly area. Guests can snorkel or dive day and night as the site is monitored by staff from 6am to 10pm.

Enjoying the marine environment

Indeed, you don’t need to head out to deep water to enjoy what Wakatobi has to offer. Coral slopes at many of the dive sites rise to within a metre of the surface and can be enjoyed as much by snorkellers. Parents can snorkel with the kids or grab their scuba gear to head deeper at the same dive site while staff members keep an eye on the children in the shallows.

Kids' club fun back on dry land with the Wakatobi nanny team.

If you’ve had your fill of diving, or fancy a day on dry land, there are plenty of above-water activities on offer, too. Make some family memories kayaking, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, at cooking classes, on cultural activities, taking part in village tours, nature walking and more.

Wakatobi works hard to support the local community and all guests automatically become part of a give-back programme. A portion of guest revenue is ploughed into the privately-maintained marine preserve to protect corals and as direct lease payments to villages in exchange for protection of the reefs. The moneys also support social welfare programmes for education and community enhancement.

Indonesia’s quarantine and travel restrictions have dropped and Wakatobi is back open and now accepting bookings. Find out more here.


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