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Hong Kong's Upper House opens Salisterra

Salisterra at The Upper House opens this weekend.

The Upper House hotel in Hong Kong will be opening brand new dining space Salisterra this month. Salisterra at Level 49 draws on the Mediterranean for inspiration; 'salis' is Latin for salt and 'terra' for earth and the restaurant hopes to channel the warmth of a neighbourhood bistro.

The space will be helmed by London-based Michelin-starred chef Jun Tanaka. Dishes will be founded on the principles of French cuisine but with a focus on simple, sustainable creations using fresh, seasonal produce and vibrant flavours from the cuisines of France and Italy.

There's a sharing menu; mains include ossobuco tortellini, lagoustine ravioli and duck agnolotti, along with inventive sides such as pickled carrots with coconut yoghurt and grilled hispi cabbage with tahini. Viennoiserie will be baked fresh in-house.

The dining area has also undergone a revamp led by interior designer André Fu. Semi-private dining booths have a raised Italian marble counter table to connect with the open kitchen. The private dining room at the back of the space has been designed as a kitchen space for a 'chef's table' experience. An island bar has been introduced in the lounge.

The Upper House is also a founding collective member of Belu Hong Kong, a UK-based water filtration social enterprise. For a nominal charge, guests can be served with unlimited still or sparkling filtered water. It's hoped this will help to reduce the carbon footprint linked to single-use water bottles. All of Belu's profits are donated to global water charity, WaterAid, which works to bring clean water to communities all over the world.

Salisterra is open for breakfast from 6.30am, for lunch from midday to 2.30pm and dinner from 6 to 10.30pm.


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