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Quarantine 'happy hour' is back as Hong Kong's Ovolo Southside returns

Enjoy the quarantine perks at Ovolo Southside.

Good news for Hong Kong’s ‘quarantiners’, Ovolo Southside is back.

The Hong Kong hotel made headlines last year by offering returning travellers a quarantine package aimed at supporting mental health and wellness while they completed the city's then-14 day mandatory isolation.

But when Hong Kong’s government introduced a designated hotel system at the end of 2020, Ovolo was inexplicably left off the list, to the dismay of many who had already booked their stay.

Happily, from February 20 it will be re-included as an officially designated quarantine hotel and to celebrate is offering an even better package of perks.

Head chef Raul Tronco Calahorra has ramped up the hotel’s menu to cover all types of dietary requirements, including plant-based, Western, Indian, Mexican and even a build-your-own meal box option. Outside food delivery is also welcomed.

In terms of entertainment, to get you through the arduous now-21 day isolation, Ovolo Southside is the only hotel in Hong Kong to offer WiFi 6, so there should be no problems using online services concurrently. Zoom and Netflix? No problem.

A dedicated Quarantine Concierge ensures every quarantiner receives wellness perks, including free daily happy hour, complimentary daily set breakfast, in-room fitness gear and a daily essentials run.

As we know, goalposts are currently changing, so Ovolo promises that if Hong Kong government reduces quarantine back to 14 days (we can live in hope), all bookings will be automatically updated to reflect this change.

According to Girish Jhunjhnuwala, founder of Ovolo Hotels, if he had to quarantine, this is how he would do it. “It’s important to start each day with a fix of barista coffee and of course end the day with my favourite Negroni brought to my room during happy hour,” he said.

Jhunjhnuwala is also reaching out to partner with NGOs or private institutions to help financially-challenged Hong Kongers return home,with the aim of offering rooms at just HK$1 per night.

“Quarantine Concierge is first and foremost about offering returning Hong Kongers a dignified and humane entry back home,” he said. “This should apply to all Hong Kongers and we have been distressed to see how some people trying to return have been affected by the hotel quarantine rules.”

Jhunjhnuwala is now looking for help to identify these people and to offer them the vastly reduced room rate.

“We’re keen to highlight that for Ovolo it’s of utmost importance to bring Hong Kong people home safely. This is not a matter for financial gain.”

The full list of second cycle designated quarantine hotels valid from February 20 to April 20 can be found online.

Ovolo is interested in partnering with any organisation that has access to stranded Hong Kong residents from abroad who are experiencing financial distress. If you think you can help, please email to


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