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Support Sumatra's orangutans with a bath bomb from Lush

Lush is hoping to raise funds the orangutans of West Toba, Indonesia.

Support the Sumatran orangutans this summer with a bath bomb from Lush.

The natural skincare and cosmetics company is lending a helping hand to the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) by inviting customers to jump in the tub. All profits from sales of the specially designed orangutan bath bombs will go towards supporting SOS.

Along with regenerative Sumatran dark patchouli oil, each bath bomb contains a QR code to spirit you away to the forests of Sumatra. Simply click the link and immerse yourself in the sounds of the Indonesian rainforests as you bathe, from gibbons calling to monkeys chattering and birds singing.

Saving the orangutans

Lush is hoping the initiative will bring more awareness to the little-known wildlife haven of West Toba and to support communities there that rely on the rainforests.

Buy a limited edition bath bomb and support the cause.

In 2018 Lush funded a study to map orangutan habitats and from that research, West Toba has been identified as a critical area of the Sumatran rainforest for the preservation of endangered species including Sumatran orangutans, Sumatran tigers, gibbons, hornbills and sun bears.

SOS and Lush are now partnering to safeguard the West Toba ecosystem.

Fundraising for Sumatra

Funds raised will enable SOS to kick-off the long-term protection and regeneration of forests in West Toba, with monies spent securing wildlife corridors between forests to reconnect orangutans and other species, and giving forest-edge communities the tools they need to enable sustainable development.

The limited edition bath bombs cost HK$70 and are available in Hong Kong Lush stores from June 24.

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