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Aman’s private jet adventures take-off

Aman's private jet adventures take off

Jet off into the sunset with Aman’s new expeditions. 

Still anxious about that middle seat on commercial flights? No need to fret, hire a jet. Private-jet inquiries have boomed this year. It’s understood that even domestic staff and nannies are being flown privately, such is the concern over coronavirus.

Hospitality operators have been quick to respond and luxury hotel group Aman had now launched The Aman Private Jet. It is also running Aman Jet Expeditions in partnership with luxury Asia travel operator, Remote Lands. The partnership aims to open up some of the world’s most remote destinations where Aman hosts a property.

“It is a simple fact that far flung destinations are often the most naturally  pristine and culturally intact,” said a spokesperson for Aman. “It is in these spaces that Aman has shaped its retreats as culturally integrated sanctuaries for guests, staff and neighbouring communities.”

Accessing such areas can be challenging, often with multiple transfers and layovers. And with the limitations of coronavirus travel, reaching remote destinations is even more demanding.

Enter the Aman Private Jet. Passengers can leave every detail to the Aman Jet Concierge, whether you’re flying directly to one or multiple Aman properties or just need a quick trip fix between non-Aman destinations. The jet carries a maximum of 12 people with flexible departure times and check-in and customs clearance overseen by the Aman team. 

Meanwhile, Aman’s guided private Jet Expeditions with Remote Lands are fixed-date adventures led by a guide. The private jet used here seats 16 and flies to up to nine countries, with accommodation at an Aman property in each destination. Upcoming trips include Bali to Luang Prabang in May 2021.

If you’re looking for a more malleable break, multi-destination ‘Jet Journeys’ are also currently available, with flexible travel dates and departure locations. Packages include Bali & Beyond, which comprises a bespoke Indonesian itinerary including up to five Aman property destinations; there are three Aman resorts on Bali, one on Java and one on the secluded private-island of Moyo in the Flores Sea.

Indochina Past & Present takes in the culture and scenery of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and access to Amantaka in Luang Prabang, Amansara in Angkor and Amanoi in Nui Chua National Park on Vietnam’s coast.


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