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Clean tech launches at Hong Kong Airport

The pop-up store stocks virus-busting hand sanitisers.

With most retail outlets shuttered at Hong Kong Airport, it's quite fitting that the one store to open this summer is dedicated to all things sanitisation.

Cleanfreak.STORE is 'popping up' until early September in the Departure Hall of Terminal 1 and stocks a range of high-tech hand sanitisers, disinfecting air sprays and masks.

The aim of the store is to serve both passengers - who are few and far between these days - and airline staff. The outlet is offering cabin crew a free spray of its hand sanitiser product, AI Shield for Hands. The product contains an antimicrobial coating that kills germs and viruses by puncture sterilisation technology and is claimed to be effective for up to 24 hours, even if you wash your hands with soap and water in between applications. AI Shield is manufactured in the US, has been further enhanced in Singapore and is proven to kill COVID-19.

Other useful products include the BioEm Air Sanitising and Purifying Liquid, which can be tucked into your hand luggage. The spray is said to kill 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including SARS.

Shoppers will also have the chance to try out the outlet's 'piece de resistance', a 'Smart Sanitizing Tunnel'. The tunnel, or pod, offers a full-body sanitising experience.

Hong Kong Airport has been the the first in the world to pod technology, which has been developed by CLeanTech. The full-body pods are being trialled by airport staff at AsiaWorld-Expo with a view to them eventually being made available to passengers and airport staff around the world as part of the pre-boarding process.

After a temperature check, passengers enter an enclosed ‘booth’ for a 40-second disinfection and sanitisation procedure, which is claimed to kill all bacteria, including the coronavirus.

The interior of the pod has an antimicrobial coating which is claimed can remotely kill viruses and bacteria on human bodies and clothing using photocatalyst technologies and ‘nano needles’. Passengers are also sprayed with sanitiser.

We gave it a go, and this is what happened:

Cleanfreak.STORE, Unit 7T042, Departure Hall, Level 7, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport; 10am-8pm until September 2. Products can also be purchased online here.


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