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Direct flights take-off between Bali and dive islands

Direct flights take-off between Bali and dive islands

Raja Ampat is home to some of the world's richest coral reefs

Accessing some of the world’s top dive sites just got a little bit easier with the launch of a raft of new direct flights linking some of Indonesia’s most stunning islands with Bali.

TransNusa, the Indonesian domestic carrier, is launching five new routes to far-flung destinations in the country, including the world-renowned diving spots of Manado and Raja Ampat. The five routes include Bali to Manado, Manado to Sorong, which is home to Raja Ampat and some of the world’s richest coral reefs, Manado to Ambon, also known as the Island of Spices, Sorong to Ambon and Sorong to the world’s largest gold mining island of Timika.

TransNusa is the first airline to offer a direct flight between Bali and Manado.

According to TransNusa group executive officer Datuk Bernard Francis, the airline’s focus is on increasing direct flight destinations to boost tourism in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, all with their own unique vibrant panoramas.

“Raja Ampat in Sorong is Indonesia’s best kept secret,” said Francis. “Raja Ampat is the epicentre of marine biodiversity on the planet and is the world’s stronghold of healthy coral and reefs. As such, it was only natural for TransNusa to introduce a direct flight from Manado to Sorong.”

TransNusa domestic flights will fly direct between Denpasar international airport and Manado three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Another domestic flight will link Monado and Sarong eleven times a week. A further, daily flight will link Monado with Ambon and a second daily flight will link Sorong and Ambon.

“Ambon is the gateway to the Banda Islands, Seram Island and the Kei Islands. Ambon itself has some of the most pristine beaches and crystal clear waters,” said Francis. 

Flights from Sorong to Timika will operate daily.

All inaugural flights will start this month. 

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