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Europe and Middle East most popular with Hong Kongers

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for Hong Kong families.

Europe and the Middle East are the most sought after destinations by Hong Kongers, according to data released this week.

Hong Kong travel agency Jetour Travel has also found that demand for cruises, multi-generational trips and single-destination breaks is dominating enquiries post-pandemic. Interest in cruising alone jumped 400% in the first quarter of this year.

In January, more than 1.6 million Hong Kongers departed the territory either by land, sea, or air, an increase of 2,224% on the previous year.

A survey by Hong Kong insurance provider AIA found that 58% of respondents planned to spend their savings on travel, with an average budget of just over HK$20,000.

Jetour Travel says two key trends emerged from the data, a focus on multi-generational travel and a preference for single-destination trips rather than multi-stops. And Europe and the Middle East are proving to be the most popular destinations.

“Our revenue in the first quarter (of this year) was triple that of the previous quarter,” said Jetour boss Marco King. “We expect this trend to continue as more people look to increase their spending on travel after years of stringent restrictions.”

To cater for the post-pandemic demand, Jetour has launched Bespoke Journey, a travel service that allows customers to design their own itineraries depending on their budget, preferences and schedule.

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Travel is slowly but surely returning to the city.

More flights are scheduled to meet summer demand.

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