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Hong Kong Science Museum hosts Croucher Science Week for kids

The Magical Maths Show in full swing.

Calling all budding young scientists as Hong Kong Science Museum hosts ‘Croucher Science Week’ for kids this spring.

The online event will take place from March 27 to April 11, with more, school-based activities, running until April 30.

The event aims to nurture curiosity and link real-life scientists with kids through a programme of live science shows, interactive explorations, hands-on demonstrations, talks and outdoor tours. All events are free, you just need to register online.

Croucher Science Week will also be collaborating with the United Kingdom’s Royal Institution, an independent charity that has been bringing science to the masses for more than 200 years. Events include Ink Rainbows, investigating the colourful chemistry of chromatography, and discovering how static electricity can mysteriously move things in Static Ghost. Participants are asked to prepare required materials in advance and then follow the online scientist to carry out the experiments.

Local scientists include Dr Ho Yu Au-Yeung who will be exploring the science of colour and light in the natural world in Glowing in the Dark. The show also enables young scientists to experience a chemistry lab with a 360 degree tour collecting the tools and equipment needed for Dr Ho Yu’s experiment.

And Emmy award-winning television host Steve Spangler will be revealing the secrets behind magic tricks with STEM-led puzzles in Amazing Science Magic.

Croucher Science Week is recommended for kids aged for and above, as well as their parents.

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