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Quarantine perks for Hong Kongers

Quarantine doesn't have to be boring, according to Ovolo hotels.

Ovolo Hotels Hong Kong has launched a Quarantine Concierge Service that promises to inject a dose of 'rockstar' treatment into mandatory isolation.

Addressing the concerns of Hong Kongers returning to the city and facing a compulsory 14-day isolation period, Ovolo has come up with a fun package that puts a positive spin on what could otherwise be a tough couple of weeks.

The 14-night offer is available at both Ovolo Southside and Ovolo Central and focuses on health, wellbeing and - crucially - fun.

Working on the premise that if you’re going to be locked up for 14 days you might as well do it in style, the Ovolo team has put together a package that includes complimentary breakfast, snacks, HK$1,000 in food and beverage credits, 'happy hour' treats and wellness kits.

“If I had to quarantine, this is how I would do it,” says Girish Jhunjhnuwala, chief executive officer of Ovolo Hotels.

Quarantining guests will have access to unlimited premium wifi, Apple TV and Alexa, plus a complimentary, barista-brewed coffee every morning.

Further perks include an on-call quarantine concierge team who will happily run errands and pick-up goodies during its Daily Essentials Run, deliver food or even recommend a good movie.

Each room is kitted out with fitness gear, including a yoga mat, gliders and resistance bands. And guests who manage more than 10,000 steps in their room will be delivered a cold-pressed juice on the house.

Every guest will also be gifted a Mindfulness Kit, which is packed with colouring books, brain teasers and playing cards, as well as a leafy houseplant to promote a connection with nature.

Plus there’s a Loot Bag containing treats to sip and snack on which will be replenished daily.

Ovolo will also be inviting 'quarantiners' to unwind with complimentary ‘happy hour’ tipples throughout their stay. On the last day, guests will receive a celebratory bottle of bubbles to end their splendid isolation in style.

All Ovolo properties adhere to Ovolo’s recently launched Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning hygiene protocol.

Prices start from HK$900 per night and five per cent of every direct booking made will be donated directly to Ovolo hospitality staff. Email the quarantine team for further information.


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