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Emirates' premium economy lands in Singapore

The new premium economy class on Emirates' A380 planes.

Emirates' new premium economy class lands in Singapore next spring. The airline has announced that from March 2023, it will be flying its newly retrofitted A380s boasting the newly launched premium economy cabins to the Lion City.

The premium economy service will be available on flights between Singapore and Dubai from March 1.

The service has already debuted on flights from Dubai to London, Paris and Sydney. Emirates is the first of the Gulf carriers to introduce a premium economy class.

On a four-class Emirates A380, premium economy comprises 56 seats at the front of the main deck. Features include in-seat charging points and a side cocktail table. Seats offer eight inches more legroom compared with economy class, the seats are 19.5 inches wide and they recline by eight inches, more than any other premium economy class seat. The TV screen has also been enlarged, making it one of the widest in the class.

Post-pandemic, Emirates is scaling up its A380 service with flights to 42 destinations by next March. This equates to 81,000 premium economy seats on more than 400 A380 departures from Dubai.

By the end of the year, Emirates hopes to be flying 85 A380s, unlocking destinations in Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Auckland and Perth.

“Emirates is thrilled to be bringing Premium Economy to Singapore skies,” said Rashid Al Ardha, country manager for Singapore & Brunei. “The premium travel experience that these cabins offer have received a hugely positive response since they were introduced in other markets.”

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