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Paris revealed to be wellness capital of world

Paris boasts more than 300 museums and plenty of green spaces, too.

Paris is the self-care capital of the world, according to a survey published this month.

In all, the study, which was conducted by price comparison website, ranked 25 of the world’s most populated cities according to 14 wellbeing and self-care factors. These included the city's total number of parks, museums, spas, yoga & pilates studios, gyms, wellness resorts, pottery and paint classes, health food shops and restaurants, as well as overall quality of life and the cost of self-care.

Paris came out top overall, followed by London and Moscow. The French capital scored highly with more than 260 parks, 330 museums and 900-plus spas.

Singapore came in at number four and Hong Kong just scraped into the top ten at number ten.

As well as scoring highly overall, London was revealed to be the fitness capital of the world, boasting more than 100 gyms in the city centre alone.

Meanwhile, Moscow scored well for creative outlets, with more than 700 museus and 80-plus pottery and art classes.

In Asia, Beijing took top spot for the number of wellness resorts, with a massive 9,631 options. Bangkok came in third after Rome with more than 4,500 luxury retreats.

Stockholm was found to be the top destination for yoga and pilates studios and Seoul, London and Paris were the best destinations for dining options.

However, London and Paris were also revealed to be the most expensive places for self-care. The average yearly self-care cost per person came in at more than GBP4,000 in both cities. This figure takes into account the average cost of one yoga and pilates drop-in class every month, one spa visit per month, gym membership cost per month, the monthly cost of a museum pass, dining out for a three-course meal every month and the price of a haircut every month.

Bangkok was revealed to be at the more competitive end of the scale at just over GBP2,000 covering one drop-in yoga and pilates class, one spa visit per month, a rolling gym membership, a museum pass, a three-course meal and a haircut.

However, the report concluded that wellness doesn’t have to involve spending money. Self-care of course means different things to different people, it could be a trip to an expensive spa, or it could mean a simple walk in the local park.


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