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Bryde's whale spotted in Hong Kong waters

Bryde's whale in Hong Kong

The Bryde's whale was spotted by a group of eagle-eyed sailors.

To the surprise and delight of Hong Kongers, a whale has been spotted in Hong Kong waters this week. The sighting occurred in Hong Kong’s eastern waters by a group of sailing instructors.

The whale, which is thought to have been feeding off the coast, was spotted off Nam Fung Wan, or Millionaire’s Beach, in Sai Kung.

The sailing instructors, Lily Ried, Sam Somerville and Jake Newbery, from Hebe Haven Yacht Club, posted the video to the club’s Facebook page where it quickly went viral.

“Whale!! Spotted on today’s Summer Camp in Sai Kung by our eagle-eyed Sailing Instructors,” read the post, followed by a request for information about the species of whale.

The mammal was later confirmed to be a Bryde’s whale, which belongs to the same group as blue whales and humpback whales. It is found in both temperate and tropical waters worldwide.

The last sighting of a Bryde’s whale occurred in Hong Kong in 2021 when a dead mammal was discovered in the waters near to Shenzhen.

The public is urged not to approach the whale and to keep a distance if spotted.

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