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Coffee workshops reveal secrets to the perfect brew

Pouring the perfect cup at a The Coffee Academics Thursday night workshop.

We’re full of beans (sorry!) to discover The Coffee Academics’ new series of coffee workshops.

The Hong Kong-based team of baristas will be demonstrating the art of brewing the perfect cup of joe. Topics covered include brewing skills, espresso and milk coffee making, ‘cupping’ (coffee tasting) and sensory appreciation.

The interactive courses offer an insider’s guide to the art of the barista, unveiling secret tips and tricks along the way.

Find out how to pull shots and steam milk for the silkiest cappuccinos and lattes in the espresso and milk workshop.

The sensory and cupping session will explain how to discover new coffee flavours and how the professionals experience coffee. Similar to a wine appreciation class, the workshop will explore the nuances of coffee flavours and the taste and tactile experience of the coffee itself.

Brewing Skills explores speciality coffee filter brewing and participants are given hands-on experience in tasting and brewing coffee, using a variety of pour-over methods including the V60, Chemix and Aeropress. The class concludes with a handcrafted pour-over coffee for participants to enjoy.

The weekly, 90-minute workshops take place on Thursdays and are available in Cantonese and English and as private classes. Classes cost HK$488 per person and take place at The Coffee Academics The Morrison Shop, 225 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai. The full schedule of classes is available online.

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