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Hong Kong tightens entry requirements

A spike in Covid-19 cases throughout Asia means Hong Kong has introduced tighter quarantines.

The Hong Kong government has announced that it will be imposing tighter entry requirements on arrivals from a handful of countries.

Argentina, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Singapore will be moved from Group C to the high-risk Group B from May 21.

Arrivals from these places must have proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of travel and must isolate for 21 days in a designated hotel. They must undergo further testing on arrival in Hong Kong, as well as four more tests during quarantine.

There is, however, some relief for fully vaccinated travellers. If both vaccine doses have been received at least two weeks before travel, arrivals can quarantine for 14 days with a further seven-day self-monitoring period at home. Three tests will be carried out during quarantine and two further tests must be undertaken at a testing centre on the 16th and 19th days after arrival.

Following a spike in infections in Taiwan, it too will be subject to stricter entry regulations. As of today, travellers from Taiwan to Hong Kong must have a test within 72 hours of travel and non-Hong Kong residents will be denied entry. Non-vaccinated travellers from Taiwan must undergo quarantine for 21 days and vaccinated arrivals for 14 days. And from May 19, Taiwan will suspend entry to anyone without a residence permit. Transit flights through Taiwan will no longer permitted.

The Hong Kong government said it was continuously monitoring the global epidemic situation including the prevalence of new virus variants as well as vaccination progress and would adjust entry requirements accordingly. More details online.

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