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International travel ban for Brits

Residents of England will be unable to travel internationally in November.

An international travel ban will come into effect in England on November 5.

The move is part of the most recent lockdown introduced in the country in an attempt to slow surging coronavirus infections.

On October 31, prime minister Boris Johnson announced that from November 5 until December 2, England would undergo a lockdown with residents being urged to remain at home. Schools, colleges and universities will remain open but non-essential shops, leisure and entertainment venues, as well as pubs, bars and restaurants, must close.

The ruling does not apply to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, although Northern Ireland and Wales are already in lockdown.

The government has also made it clear that residents of England must avoid all non-essential travel. Overnight stays and holidays away from primary residences will be banned, including holidays in the United Kingdom and abroad.

In response, airlines and travel companies are likely to cut back services, with budget airline easyJet already hinting at schedule reductions.

“It is likely that much of the UK touching schedule (that is flights to, from and within the UK) will be cancelled during lockdown with our planned flying set to resume in early December,” said easyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren.

British Airways has said it is “assessing the new information” and will keep customers updated as to any changes.


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