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Singapore suspends VTL scheme until new year

Singapore will suspending its VTL scheme until January.

Singapore is to suspend its vaccinated travel lanes (VTL) until the new year.

Surging cases of omicron globally have led to the government tightening entrance restrictions. Airlines will no longer be able to sell vaccinated travel lane tickets from December 23 to January 20.

The suspension will also apply to sales of Singapore-Malaysia land VTL tickets.

Singapore has recorded a number of omicron cases in recent days.

“Our border measures will help to buy us time to study and understand the omicron variant and to strengthen our defences, including enhancing our healthcare capacity and getting more people vaccinated,” said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health.

The VTL scheme allows for fully vaccinated travellers to enter Singapore from selected countries, including the UK and the US, to enter Singapore without having to serve quarantine.

However, travellers who have already booked VTL tickets and meet VTL requirements will be able to enter Singapore without quarantine.

Stricter VTL requirements mean travellers will need to take a rapid test each day for the first week, except for days three and seven when they must test at a testing centre.

This week, Singapore has so far confirmed 71 omicron cases, including 65 imported cases and six local cases.

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