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Around-the-world cruise sells out in a day

The cruise includes three full days in Antarctica.

Despite the challenging global travel conditions, an around-the-world cruise has sold out in just one day.

Oceania Cruises is reporting that its 180-day world cruise that launched on January 27 sold out on the same day.

“The response to our epic 2023 around the world voyage clearly illustrates the enthusiasm that experienced travellers have for immersive and memorable travel experiences,” said Bob Binder, president of Oceania Cruises. “Travellers are clearly bullish on the future and are embracing these new opportunities.”

Perhaps even more surprisingly, a third of all bookings for the cruise were from first-time guests. What’s more, a fifth of passengers opted to extend the cruise to 218 days.

Oceania’s World Cruise departs San Francisco in January 2023 and takes in 33 countries on four continents, including three full days cruising Antarctica. It stops at 27 islands and 96 ports and sails three oceans and 14 seas, crossing the equator no fewer than four times. The cruise also provides guests with access to more than 60 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

“The quick uptake from our loyal repeat guests and new first-time guests alike underscores the tremendous pent-up demand for immersive, destination-focused cruises,” said Binder.

Oceania reports that it is experiencing “exceptionally strong demand” for its 2022 Europe and North America collection of voyages, particularly on longer trips spanning multiple weeks or even months. It will be opening its full 2022-23 winter collection itineraries in March this year and will open spring, summer and autumn 2023 Europe and North America cruises in September.


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