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Fly me to the Moon - via Dubai

Artist's impression of the Moon towering over the Dubai skyline.

If you fancy holidaying on the moon, a flight to Dubai might be all you need.

According to a recent report in Emirati newspaper Khaleej Times, Dubai is a front runner for one of four luxury moon-themed destination resorts dreamed up by a Canadian architectural firm.

The firm, Moon World Resorts, has designed an outlandish, moon-shaped hotel offering lunar-themed experiences such as lunar walks in low gravity spaces and rover taxis. Such is the attention to detail, Moon World Resorts said the hotels could even be used as training grounds for space agencies and their astronauts.

The firm plans to license four Moon destination resorts in North America, Europe, Middle East/North Africa and Asia. In the Middle East/North Africa region, it is considering the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

“For many compelling reasons the UAE would be logical, with perhaps Dubai being the front runner,” said Michael Henderson, co-founder at Moon World Resorts.

However there has been no confirmation that Dubai plans to incorporate a Moon resort into the emirate, and Henderson admitted that Dubai’s current focus is on residential real estate projects.

Artists’ impressions of the Moon show an outer moon shell containing private suites and space attractions. The dramatic hotel could be also used for light displays such as those projected onto Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

“Water parks and theme parks are regurgitations the world over,” said Henderson. “In Moon World Resorts’ humble opinion, one must ‘dare to be different!’”

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