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Hong Kong Airlines takes off for Bali

Hong Kong Airlines is steadily increasing its flights from the city.

Hong Kong Airlines will resume its five-times weekly service to Bali next month.

The airline also announced this week that it will also be flying daily to China’s Shanghai Hongqiao airport from April 17 and will be launching a four-times weekly route with Japan’s Fukuoka from April 7.

Following four years of interrupted tourism, including months of flight bans and quarantine, airlines are slowly but steadily returning to the city.

British Airways announced this month that it will be doubling its London Heathrow service and United Airlines also returned to the territory this week for the first time in three years.

However, according to reports in the South China Morning Post, a slow resumption of flights is hampering Hong Kong’s tourism numbers. The newspaper reported that visitor numbers have not met expectations and landings are the city’s biggest barrier to normal travel resumption.

China will fully open its borders to international travellers from tomorrow (Wednesday) for the first time in three years. Areas in China that were visa-free prior to the pandemic will revert to a no-visa-required status, including Hainan island and cruise ships passing through Shanghai port. Visa-free entry for foreigners from Hong Kong to Macau and Guangdong will also resume. This is the first time borders have fully reopened in three years. According to flight tracking agency APP Flight Master, inbound and outbound flights are currently at around 17% of 2019 levels.

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