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Hong Kong's Observation Wheel launches history app

Taking a spin - visitors to Hong Kong's Observation Wheel can now enjoy an historical commentary.

Visitors to Hong Kong’s Observation Wheel this winter will be able to plug into the territory’s rich history via an innovative new app.

Using Augmented Reality (AR) and gaming technology, the app immerses visitors in the rich history of Hong Kong from 1890 to the present day.

The Observation Wheel opened in 2017 and gently spins visitors up and around while they enjoy stunning views over Victoria Harbour.

The app is the first AR experience on a moving platform, where the movement of the wheel is reflected on the user’s device.

The first segment of the app journey, 1890 to 1920, takes a look at the Peak Tram, Lion Rock and the first-generation Star Ferry Pier. In the 1960s to 1980s section, visitors are shown Hong Kong’s economic progress, as well as Kai Tak Airport and the squatter villages of Lion Rock. In the ‘Present Day’ chapter there are visualisations of the city’s landmarks and more recent developments around the harbour.

The nearby Hong Kong Maritime Museum was a key source for the app, providing maps, photographic references and multiple ship models, which have been recreated digitally. Hong Kong historians Ko Tim-keung and Jason Wordie played an important role in identifying and telling the stories of the territory’s transformation and the Hong Kong community was also called on in a bid to uncover further relevant historical images.

The app, Hong Kong Observation Wheel AR App, is free-of-charge and is available on IOS and Android in English and traditional and simplified Chinese.


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