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Hong Kong Station to reopen in-town check-in

Hong Kong Station is reopening its airport check-in and bag drop

Business as usual at Hong Kong airport (photo courtesy Shutterstock).

Following a three-year suspension, Hong Kong Station's check-in and bag drop services are set to finally resume.

According to train operator MTR Corp, from July 5 counters will reopen at Hong Kong Station. However, check-in services at Kowloon and Tsing Yi stations will remain suspended.

Cathay Pacific will initially be the only airline to offer an in-town check-in service, with counters open from 6am to 3pm from July 5.

In-town check-in services were suspended in April 2020 as Covid-19 took hold around the world. Despite Hong Kong finally dropping its strict Covid travel restrictions late last year, it’s reported that a shortage of workers prevented the check-in service from resuming.

Express train services between Hong Kong station and the airport continued to operate throughout the pandemic, albeit at a reduced frequency.

The in-town check-in service enabled passengers to check-in and drop their bags in Central or Kowloon on the day of their flight and cemented the city’s reputation as one of the most convenient places to travel on the planet. However, Hong Kong government’s pandemic restrictions proved to be among the strictest in the world, seriously derailing the city’s reputation for efficiency.

The reinstatement of Hong Kong Station in-town check-in services signals a final return to travel normality in the city.

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