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Qatar Airways to fly twice daily to Hong Kong

Qatar Airways will be flying 14 times a week between Doha and Hong Kong.

Qatar Airways will be increasing its Hong Kong service to 14 flights a week from April 1. This marks a return to pre-pandemic service levels and is the second time this year that Qatar has increased its flight frequency with the Asian city; in January the service was lifted from seven to 11 flights a week.

As well as the flight increase, Qatar will also be dropping its PCR testing restrictions for travellers from China, Hong Kong and Macau from April 1. This brings an end to all travel restrictions for the country.

The increased service to Hong Kong will see QR815 depart Hong Kong at 12.25am, landing in Doha at 4.25am. QR817 will depart Hong Kong at 7.30pm and arrive in Doha at 11.10pm. The return flights take-off from Doha at 8.20am (QR816) and 2.25am (QR818), and land back in Hong Kong at 11.35pm and 3.05pm respectively.

Qatar Airways will also be scaling up its capacity to China mainland cities this summer, including daily flights to Guangzhou and Shanghai, and four times a week to Hangzhou.

“Resuming flight frequency in Hong Kong to pre-pandemic levels is a major milestone in the full recovery of air travel in Asia Pacific,” said Qatar Airways’ North Asia boss, Chan Cheong Eu. “The city has long been a key travel hub and we believe its return to full traffic will be a welcome development for the entire industry.”

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