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World Dream cruise passengers must be fully vaccinated

Passengers on board World Dream must be fully vaccinated.

All cruise passengers on board Singapore’s World Dream's ‘cruises to nowhere’ must be fully vaccinated.

Dream Cruises, the cruise line that currently runs the popular no port of call ‘seacations’ out of both Hong Kong and Singapore, said the new regulations will come into force from November 21. They will apply to all passengers aged over 12 years.

Those hoping to cruise will now need to prove they have received full vaccination with a Pfizer-BioNTech, Comimaty, Moderna or Sinovac-CoronaVac inoculation. World Dream crew members must also be fully vaccinated.

Guests must also take a pre-boarding Antigen Rapid Test (also known as a Lateral Flow Test) at the cruise terminal.

The regulations are in-line with existing rules in Hong Kong which have stipulated that all guests had to be fully vaccinated when seacation sailings first began in July.

“With Singapore having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, we have observed that since October, close to 99% of cruising guests aboard World Dream was already fully vaccinated,” said Michael Goh, president of Dream Cruises. “As such, the implementation of mandatory vaccination for cruising guests aboard World Dream is timely and in line with our continuous effort to provide a safer and worry-free experience on board our ship.”

Both Dream Cruises and Royal Caribbean have been operating no port of call sailings out of the two Asian city hubs with an almost 100% safety record. In July World Dream was forced to return to port when a passenger was identified as a close contact of a confirmed case on land. The passenger and his travelling group were isolated on board and passengers were asked to remain in their cabins. More recently, Royal Caribbean was asked to suspend its cruises to nowhere from Hong Kong for 21 days until November 11 after a crew member tested ‘re-positive’ for Covid-19.

Singapore residents who already have a booking on World Dream are being contacted with the latest requirements and will be offered the choice to transfer to another cruise date or opt for a future cruise credit.


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